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Robert Bluestein


How Does History Leave it's Evidence? I am a Historian and an Artist and I have been in pursuit of this answer for two decades.  I have combined the two practices to produce my first book, ''The Persistence of Memory''.  This book covers the History of the planet, from its creation 4.6Billion years ago all the way up to the Present Day. We look at History through the eyes of our own interests and we journey into our own individual beginnings. My travels have provided many clues but often leaves more of a tantalizing paradox. I explore History from a different perspective, taking backroads to arrive at interesting and compelling conclusions. And throughout my travels, my camera and canvas have been constant companions. They allow me to make sense out of the sensless, Join me on a journey over space and time in my effort to make a new sanctuary of truth dedicated to the temples of the written and discvered word. Whatever it is tha you are fascinated by, History can now be accessible to everyone. All five senses can become tools for rembering our pasts. Histiorians learn to make use of every subject and apply it to events of the past. In devoting our Persistance to Memory we can see historical trends and based on our accumulation of knowledge, we can even predict the future. .

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