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Robert Bluestein


Born in Houston, 1964

1983-1990 Studied Medieval History and Archaeology both abroad and at University of Houston

Two Decades of Technology Sales

I am fascinated by how we use technology to solve everyday problems. Everything is in the internet these days and whether you have a hand-held device or are using an at-home security device, we are always on technologies cutting edge. How do we maximize all the services that are available and moreover, how do we protect are sensitive data? 

This is just one area of my life which has been successful. I love the technology boom and how we use it to achieve great things. Science and evolution have sped up exponentially and to be a part of it is very exciting. Helping customers achieve their own dreams and ambitions is something I have prided myself upon. 

In two decades, I have sold just about every technology to just about every type of vertical. From a career standpoint, I couldn't have chosen anything better. Two decades at Dell, Cisco, VMWare and Oracle make for one of the best and well-rounded backgrounds I could have ever imagined. 

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