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An American's Trip to The Capitol

Lois Lerner won't face charges for tampering and targeting the taxes of many Pro-Conservative Groups. After visiting the White House at least eighty times, she was brought before congress to face questions about her role in targeting groups and individuals for IRS audits and scrutiny. Hiding behing a desk with an ink-pen is one thing, but you can only be a government bully for so long. Lerner, clearly not wishing to reveal anything she did, plead the fifth amendment. The very rights promise the ability to avoid self-incrimidation. But we may never know the depths of how she used her position and her role to intimidate and bully people like you, people like me.

The Founding Fathers were absolutely consumed with the fear that the Federal Gov't would do exactly this kind of thing. But we don't live in the era of The Grand Experiment of America where everyone felt as if they were working to build something great. In every book I have read, those from that era have one thing in common...Although they may have disagreed with one another, ALL of them had PRIDE in their fellow countrymen and country.

Now, like an old house that hasn't been taken care of, we have no pride anymore, and the varmints have begun to move in. Varmints that eat away at the Constitution. The House upon entrance is our Capitol Building or White House. You can choose either for the upcoming anology and understand the message I am sending. Consider the home to have been built and looked after by all of founders and original architects.

Upon your arrival, you see what to many is the most important part of the home - the entrance way. There is waste scattered everywhere on your journey down the sidewalk to the front door. Well this porch and entrance is completely in disarray, as if the owner of it wanted to tear it down and put up some urban Chicago architecture in its stead.

The entrance door, as if in all arrogance, now requires an admission fee. And if you don't want to pay it, or dare ask what you are getting for your admission, you get your wallet picked through by one of the varmints now there. Because they have shaken and broken the foundation of the house by taking out its Constitutional pillars that supper the house, you have to have insurance coverage. And not only that, but you are going to get ONE and ONLY ONE type of insurance that will protect you when you are in this current Presidents White House. But you really like your doctor and you don't want any ore taxes placed upon you. But then you remember --- The Executive made you a promise --- ''You can KEEP your doctor'' and ''I will assure you that there will no new taxes either.'' And you have really no choice but to believe him, because to do otherwise would get you fined. And in the kitchen, the varmints are cooking all kinds of things that the people don't want. They add unknown ingredients to the meal and they tax you for them too. They seem to know what you want to eat, but your own choices are limited to what they are serving. They cook up things like a treaty with the people who have no regard for the lives of even the varmints who wanted it. But in our garage is $50B in assets ever since they began funding terror amongst those people who want and hunger for the same freedom our Founding Fathers dreamed of. The old house hasn't seen any foreign guests because the friendly relationships built before, the executive has destroyed those relationships. Sometimes for no other reason than the fact that the executives of those countries would realize how under qualified the current executive is - thus damaging his allies. Across the street, neighbors and many others of yours are being robbed, tortured and murdered in the name of a religion Americans have come to know only as a blood-thirsty call to kill everyone not like them. You are surprised the Executive doesn't even recognize cold-blooded murder when he sees it. That is, unless a white police officer shoots an African American. THEN it is murder, right?

But worry not ---- New friends like Iran and Cuba are always willing to come over, but you will get taxed first - in order to make sure we can pay these nations, each of whom have Americans in jail without their due process, and freedom of speech exists only in death. You remember a time the flag in the front of the house stood tall and proud, but now it has weathered a bit too much and it is in tatters, flapping aimlessly in the wind.

And as for the actual grounds of this old house? People keep jumping the fence and claiming some of the same benefits with which your taxes are paying for. And the executive makes sure to give it them, while rolling a red-carpet to them and leaving you at the back of the line. God help you if you speak up about the inequity of it all, because then all the varmints will slap a label on you as a bigot. In the back rooms the varmints are working hard for you, making sure to craft ''talking points'' because you aren't quite capable of understanding the truth. In those back rooms they are preparing the way for new allies while swiftly sweeping Britain and Israel under the carpet for the first time in our history. The varmints scamper about all parts of the house, leaving their droppings behind for you to clean up. So when you begin thinking that maybe the House of Dignity should have a change in its inhabitancy -- all of a sudden, the tax-man cometh. If you support the other side, you're going to feel pain and pressure that takes away the one thing you have always had- your happiness and freedom. So you finally begin feeling so unwelcome in the home while fence jumpers and others fill the mansion. The house shakes under these things and our foundation trembles. Every support beam and pillar in the house has been vandalized. You look back once more as you leave the front doorway and you think, ''Well, I guess I better arm myself in order to protect my family.'' Well, you can guess again there too....

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