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The History Crowd Sourcing Project

Question:  What Is It?

Answer:    It is a Worldwide collection of Interviews with people who are eyewitnesses to history. We especially focus on veterans of foreign wars, but everyone's life is an important collection of memories and details. My hope is that eventually, everyone in the world will be able to tell their own story, regardless of what that story is.  


Question:  Who Participates?

Answer: The hope is that EVERYONE on this planet will participate.  For now, I have the commitments from Professors at University of Houston, University of Texas, Baylor, and two more graduate students of History abd Anthropogy at the prestigious Leipzig Institute in Germany. All have expressed great excitement.


Question: What is the focus of the Subject Matter?

Answer: It is an expanded Biographical Sketch of people's lives. But beyond this, it can cover whatever the person was fascinated with. No subject is off limits. Scientists, Historians, Veterans, Everyday People who have a life story to tell.

Question:  Is there a Format?

Answer:    The only format is that it goes beyond the names and dates of these people lives. We want to learn about the things people were passionate about and why.  A real fun way to capture people's life stoies is to engage all five of the senses as much as possible. 


Question:  Do I Have to Edit What I Write?

Answer: No, but it is helpful to clear the work of punctuation, grammar, and syntax errors. I try to encourage my fellow Historians to avoid taking out the actual words of their subject because it may be an impiortant part of the story.


Question: Why Are You Leading Up This Project?

Answer: I believe that all humans have a significant story to tell. With dignity and respect, we are carefully assembling the Worlds Largest Auto-Biographical Data-Base. The hope is tha you will be able to find a relative and learn all about them and their lives before the individuals become nothing more than a name and a date.  You can either write about yourself, or interview others.

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