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Who Am I ?

I live each day with passion and without regret.  I have been fortunate enough to do the things that I set out to do. 

I have traveled much of the world meeting people of all colors, races and religions.  I am a historian who loves the detective work of uncovering our pasts. 

I decided to write an autobiography, not because I have done anything that outstanding, but because future generations will hopefully want to know all they can about one of their own bloodline. 

As I mentioned, I love history. I graduated from University of Houston in 1990 with a degree in Medieval History. I was able to add collegiate hours from London and was able to attend two graduations in one day.  Archaeology, the ultimate detective story, just happened to be my second degree. 

I was captivated by Ken Burns special on the Civil War. Burns spent a lot of time in the West Point archives reading primary documentation, letters and primary accounts of what was really happening during the era. 

As it would so happen, I was working with Dell at the time and West Point was one of my accounts. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I went to West Point to assist them in several missions. My job was to be their trusted advisor and single-point of contact for Dell. 

I went to the library on campus and was escorted to the fourth floor, the West Point archives.  I got to sit at General Omar Bradley's desk and pull handwritten letters by Robert E. Lee and others from a box and read the history for myself. It was one of the most exciting times of my life, something that many people would consider interesting, but perhaps not all that compelling. 

I began a long appreciation of the arts by taking photographs with an old Chinon-DSL 35mm camera. Everywhere I went, I took my camera. Like an old friend, my camera went with me on every trip that I took. 

I soon realized that I could manipulate my environment with the angles and lenses I used. Architecture was an early favorite subject of mine and the skyline of downtown Houston offered many choice angles and incredible buildings with which I enjoyed immensely. Even now, I can shoot pictures of downtown Houston all day long. 

Anything that brought forth the artist in me was fair game. I was naturally adept on the Etch-a-Sketch, which is seldom taken seriously as a viable art-medium. But indeed it is, and I spent hours recreating the Sistine-Chapel or turning the Etch sideways and re-orienting my hands.  The challenge was much like suddenly writing with the opposite hand and expecting calligraphy from the results. 

My mother was a great painter. Her work was both colorful and confident. But this was an art form that I wasn't ready for at the time. Try-as-I might, I couldn't make myself paint. But the arts were always around us, and the seeds that make for creativity grew all around us. 

I am a writer. 

I write about the things that interest me, and this is a vast array of topics. My work on Baseball History can be found on BleacherReport. My historic and scientific writings are best found on Quora.  I keep an on-going technology blog on LinkedIn that discusses future trends in Cyber-Warfare and Threat-Detections for corporate America.  Finally, you can read my work on Anthropology and the beginnings of mankind on my own website. There really is no subject that is off-topic for me. 

As a historian, I cover everything from the Cradles of Civilization to World War I and World War II as well as more obscure moments in history from Medieval England and the Black Plague all the way to the Berlin Airlift. 

But most of all, I enjoyed interviewing World War II veterans about their experiences. Their stories were told to me with one unique request on my part. I had asked each of them to use all five of their senses when recalling their experiences. The results in these series of interviews are fascinating and their stories take you a world away, when Americans had priorities. These are moments that are recovered in time. 

Anyone who has known me knows my love of baseball and my deep connections to the game today. I still am active in a mens adult league for hardball but my skills have diminished greatly after my car accident in 2015.  It was more than the skills that were eroded as I probably should have died in the accident. 

It was life-changing and compelling to step into the batters box for the first time since my accident and end up on the bases, face-planting nicely into third to the cheers of my teammates.  Baseball has been in my blood for my entire life, collecting baseball memorabilia and meeting a great many players and coaches over the years. I probably collected the autographs of more Hall-of-Famers over a four year period than one could ever have hoped for. 

I have written, directed and even sang in a solo in church plays while an active member of Crossroads Praise Center.  I was at a point in my life where I was on the Board of Directors at the church. I traveled with the pastor, just the two of us, all the way to Africa where we delivered medical and food supplies but most of all spread a message of hope and faith and love. 

It has left an indelible mark on my soul and heart to this day. 

  love the love technology sales.  

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